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Who we are 

We are a consulting and developing a lifestyle center. We offer a variety of services and are distinguished by a superior work team and high-quality coaching services and consulting sessions. We provide consultations and coaching sessions in all fields including life coaching, business coaching, Education coaching, Health Coaching and executive coaching sessions. 

Our Mission 

To provide expertise, skills, and knowledge in the resource development field generally and in the coaching field particularly, according to the ICF standards, through providing the required consultations and training programs.
Al Monitor coaching is a place for all, where everyone could collaborate, set strategies, and use the latest techniques and methods to reach their goal.

Our Vision 

To be at the forefront of the coaching field in the Arab world according to ICF coaching standards. And to be the first choice for coachees who are willing to professionalize coaching  

Our Motto  

"The solution is in your hands"

Our Objectives  

Raise levels of institutional performance and the ability to excel and compete by providing consulting and training services in various disciplines for the public and private sector.

Contribute to raising the efficiency of community members and developing their professional and personal knowledge and capabilities by providing a variety of high-quality professional training programs

To become the hub of expertise and be a distinguished name in providing training and advisory programs that contribute to the development of the workforce in the UAE and encourage community groups to acquire knowledge and skills.

Our Values 

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Creativity    Quality    Co-operation    Integrity