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Professional Coaching Program PCP

List of classes/modules/parts of the program:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to coaching and coaching

  2. Module 2: Knowing coaching according to The International Coaching Federation

  3. Module 3: The basic competencies of coaching according to the International Coaching Federation

  4. Module 4: Basic thinking skills

  5. Module 5: The ethical and professional framework of the International Coaching Federation

  6. Module 6: The stages of preparing a professional coach

  7. Module 7: Managing a Professional Coaching Session.

  8. Module 8: What are the types of coaching?

  9. Module 9: Coaching models.

   Number of student contact hours included in the program: 

  •  65 hours

   Listing of faculty:


   Dr. Yousef Hamad Al Hanaee (PCC).

   Salma Ayed Sangoor (ACC).


   Dates/locations/Languages/ of delivery:

  • 1/11/ 2021 0n zoom.

  • Language(s) the program is delivered in: Arabic

   How the program is delivered:

  • Training bag, PowerPoint presentation, interactive activities, and exchange sessions (all by net).

   Intended participants:

  • All members of the community.

  • Coaches.

  • Those wishing to learn about coaching.

  Requirements students must meet to enter the program :

  1. Attending 90% of the program.

  2. Commitment to the weekly reports (feedback) provided by the student about what he learned during the session.

  Policy on withdrawals and refunds :

  • Once the trainee has finished registering, he has the option to withdraw or transfer his registration 48 hours before the date of registration.

  • The trainee is considered enrolled in the course and all administrative fees will be deducted from the course fees.

  • The trainee can transfer to an upcoming course during which he or she will be able to attend not to lose his fees if available.

  • This should be done done by filling out the fee refund form after deducting all the expenses mentioned

  • for more details please refer to our refund policy terms and condition. 

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Professional Coaching Program PCP