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Professional Coaching Program

List of classes/modules/parts of the program:

  1. Module 1: Introduction to coaching.

  2. Module 2: Coaching according to ICF.

  3. Module 3: The basic competencies of coaching according to ICF.

  4. Module 4: Basic thinking skills.

  5. Module 5: The Ethical and professional framework of ICF.

  6. Module 6: The stages of preparing a professional coach.

  7. Module 7: Managing a Professional Coaching Session.

  8. Module 8: What are the types of coaching?.

  9. Module 9: Coaching models.

   Number of student contact hours included in the program: 

  • Number of contact hours is 65 hours

   Listing of faculty:
   Dr. Yousef Hamad Al Hanaee (PCC).
   Coach. Salma Ayed Sangoor (ACC).
   Dates/locations/Languages/ of delivery:

  • 1/11/ 2022 0n zoom.

   Language(s) the program is delivered in: Arabic

   How the program is delivered:

  • Training bag, PowerPoint presentation, interactive activities, and exchange session.

  Intended participants:

  • All members of the community.

  • Coaches.

  • Those wishing to learn about coaching.

  Requirements students must meet to enter the program :

  1. Attending 90% of the program.

  2. Commitment to the weekly reports (feedback) provided by the student about what he learned during the session.

  Policy on withdrawals and refunds :

  • After registering, Trainee has the option to withdraw or transfer his registration 48 hours before the date of registration.

  • The trainee is considered enrolled in the course and all administrative fees will be deducted from the course fees.

  • The trainee can transfer to an upcoming course during which he or she will be able to attend not to lose his fees if available.

  • This should be done by filling out the fee refund form after deducting all the expenses mentioned

  • for more details please refer to our refund policy terms and condition. 

Pre-requests for individuals to enroll: Participants should..

  • Meet the admission requirements, 

  • Admission Approval,

  • Complete the registration procedures, 

  • Pay the course fees, 

  • Submit ID copy, 

  • Refer to our course attendance policy, 

Transfer of credit policy: 

  • Will accept partial credit from other organizations or programs if you have completed Level1program at another organization,

  • We will review and apply your completed credit hours to your Level 2 program.

  • You must provide documentation of your Level 1 completion, Including the organization, Number of hours completed, completion certificate, and contact information for the organization or trainer.

  • You may be asked for additional details or documentation on an as-needed basis.

  • Please contact Mr. Osama Abbas at or contact +97137530500 for more information.

Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement:..
Our Organization is unable to accommodate learning disability:
Al monitor Consulting Center is not able to accommodate learning or physical disabilities at this time. Individuals, With questions about this policy should contact Mr. Osama Abbas on 0097137530500,
Non Discrimination Policy:
Recruitment, Hiring, Participants all personnel is conducted without discrimination against any individual with regard to their race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status.
DEIJ statement:
We attribute to the core values of integrity, excellence, cooperation and respect. The basis of these values, For more details Please refer to our DEIJ policy, 
Complaints and Appeal policy: 
Our organization have a fully customer complaint policy for more details please read the organization Complain and appeal Policy,
Refund Policy: 
A full refund will be granted if:

  • A course/qualification or unit/module is cancelled

  • Re-scheduled to a time unsuitable to the student.

  • The student was not given a place due to maximum number of places being reached.

  • An error is made at the time of enrolment - for example, if a student is enrolled in a module/unit previously.

  • Student withdraws prior to the census date, 

Partial refunds:

  • Students who withdraw for reasons other than those outlined above, and who lodge a withdrawal form before 20% of delivery has been concluded will be eligible for a full refund of their course fee, and:  a full refund of the resource fee if the course is not started,

No refunds:

  • No refund will be granted if: 

  • A withdrawal/application for refund is submitted that does not meet the previously listed requirements.

  • Due to the ceiling on course fee charges, full time students who withdraw from a single module/unit of Competency may not, in some instances be entitled to a refund.

Course attendance policy: 

  • Attendance hours of the course is 90% of the course time.

  • Write your name quadruple and correctly when you attend

  • Make sure your phone number and address are correct

  • Make sure you sign in and out while you are present, for more details please read our attendance policy,

Trainee code of conduct: 

  • Attendance is compulsory.

  • Mobile phones must be switched off during session time.

  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in the building and not permitted within the Center premises.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in class.

  • Food and drink may not be consumed in the classrooms,

  • With the exception of water.

Best wishes,,

 Al Monitor Consulting - Team


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