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Heath Coaching

  1. People who change with the help of health coach for their own reasons and on their own terms are more successful when compared to people who are told what to do, which creates resistance to this changes and those orders.
  2. Helps improve the quality of life related to health and reduce the admission to a hospital for patients such as people with COPD.
  3. Private companies have begun to provide health coaching to their employees in order to reduce health care costs.
  4. Healthy coach has been found to be effective in managing chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and hyperglycemia.
  5. Make the right decisions about the use of medicines and even perform operations that some may hesitate to perform or Improving the management of chronic diseases and reducing health care expenses.
  6. Is the only method that has been proven to be causally and future ally linked to positive behavioural outcomes. 
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